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Isolation Francis Lachapelle executes all home insulation work, for thermal loss reduction and soundproofing as well as asbestos contaminated vermiculte removal in the greater Montreal region, South Shore and North Shore.

Home insulation service

We cover all home insulation needs from the basement to the attic. With our adaptive equipment and our dedicated team, we are worthy of your trust for any type of insulation or soundproofing work. Save big on your heating and cooling bills by optimizing the energy consumption of your home.

Roof insulation

Good insulation of the attic of your house is primarily intended to regulate the losses of warm air and reduce your energy consumption throughout the year.

Blown wool (cellulose) in combination with the installation of styrovents are used in most cases for roof insulation of your home. For optimal results in a house in Quebec's temperature though, the spray polyurethane foam application is unbeatable. Inform yourself prior to the insulation work in your attic, your cathedral ceiling or even for typical flat roofs. Learn more


Basement Insulation

Insulation of the foundation walls of your basement is useful against energy loss but serves also as a very effective protection. Sprayed urethane foam is a great sealant that prevents air infiltration as much as condensation, avoiding the formation of mold and excess moisture inside your walls. Learn more


Soundproofing walls and ceilings is especially frequent for shared residences such as apartments and duplexes. Cellulose insertion between the walls and ceiling of your home can be done quickly without leaving a trace. Get the tranquility you want thanks to the soundproofing work of the professional team Isolation FL. Learn more


Specialized insulation

Several other lesser known services are also offered by Isolation FL like the insulation in your shed, garage and trailers. Do not hesitate to ask our specialized insulation services for your particular needs, we are ready for any type of project. Demand for insulation prices

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Save big on your electricity bills!
Sprayed Urethane

Insulate your home roof, foundation or drywalls during renovations or new construction.



Replace the vermiculite from your attic or add cellulose in your roof for an optimal insulation.



The styrovents (wind deflectors) ensure good air circulation in your roof when adding cellulose.


Asbestos Removal

Safely removing the isulant containing asbestos in your home environment is crucial. Asbestos removal is a complex process because it becomes harmful when moving or dismantling it. Our professional team takes care of your project from cradle to the grave. We handle and remove dangerous materials to make living in your house an experience without any risk of health problems. It also get easier to sell your property for what it is worth once there is no more asbestos in it.

Why is Isolation FL the best choice?

Francis Lachapelle Isolation has worked in the field of home insulation in the greater Montreal area for a long time. Our insulation company stands out for its personalized approach and the quality of its services. Our mission is simple: to perform, day after day, exceeding the quality standards of the insulation business industry and provide service beyond our clients expectations.


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