First aids: what to do after an asbestos exposure

First aids

What type of first aids treatment should we apply?

You are in full renovation and you came into contact with asbestos dust: What are the first aids you need to follow? Usually when you undertake renovations, and you are aware of the presence of asbestos in your old plaster made lattes or your roof made with vermiculite: you should under no circumstances undertake these renovations yourself. In fact, you put yourself, your family and possibly your neighbors at risk of contracting potentially carcinogenic asbestos fibers. If accidentally you found yourself in contact with the asbestos dust: the damage is done and there is no specific care measure. Here are the first aids to be followed depending on the type of contact:
  • Inhalation
  • Ingestion
  • Skin contact
  • Eye contact
You have inhaled asbestos: you just inhaled asbestos particles and they are actually in your respiratory tract. There is no particular action to take. However, you must leave the contaminated site of asbestos dust as soon as possible to limit the amount inhaled. Leave immediately the room and go outside to breathe fresh air. You had your mouth open when asbestos particles are widespread and you have swallowed a certain amount: Leave the contaminated site, and then rinse your mouth with water. If you do not feel well, call without any delay a poison control center or a doctor. Dusts of asbestos have spread on your skin: leave the contaminated site, and then wash the exposed region with warm water. You should use a mild soap and clean your skin gently, without rubbing, for 5 minutes. Keep the affected area under water while cleansing. Since your clothes are probably contaminated, it is best to remove them gently, then put them in plastic bags and seal the bags. Repeat the cleaning process, if you found other contaminated part of your body. Asbestos particles are in your eyes, your eyes sting you: leave the contaminated site, rinse your eyes immediately with warm water for 5 minutes. Keep your eye open. The best way to do this flushing is to place your hands spoon-shaped underwater. Your hands become like a mini bath. Keep your eyes open the longest time as possible in this mini bath. If irritation or pain persists, see a doctor. Always keep in mind that following exposure to asbestos or concerns about the subject, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor for medical advice. Indeed, since there are long term serious health risks, a health follow-up care is needed. Important: once the first aid has been completed, you absolutely must:
  • Exit definitely your home because it is contaminated with asbestos dust. Since the severity of diseases consequent to asbestos depends on the amount inhaled or ingested; by leaving your home, you limit the amount of asbestos dust being inhaled in your lungs and around your organs. Consequently you limit the long term serious health risks.
  • Stops undertaking the renovations by yourself.
  • Seek professional specialist in asbestos dismantling, so he can proceed with the removal of asbestos in your home. Since the dust of asbestos was prevalent in your home asbestos decontamination is necessary for your house to become habitable again.
Always consider to contact an asbestos removal expert for your safety. If you have any question on the topic, do not hesitate and contact us, we will take care of you home decontamination.