Our Mini-excavation specialized services perform painstaking work in locations tight and difficult to access.

We are the trusted and experienced partner who will pay a particular attention not to damage periphery’s elements on the of the specific work area.

We offer specialized services of:

Underground digging
Embankment and compaction
Restricted space mini-excavation
Underlay work and slab trench

Our specialized mini-excavation services (mini excavator) are mainly used for:

  • After Disaster Renovation
  • Buildings decontamination of
  • Partial or complete demolition
  • Soil and foundation repair
  • Buildings Renovation and expansion

We have the habit and the expertise for works execution in building of types :

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Institutional
  • Industrial
Our experts will travel to assess the scope of work and prepare a detailed rate quote of project milestones, timelines and costs.

Turnkey mini-excavation service

All our work is planned and organized to ensure a safe and efficient environment. We have the experience and equipment to move your job forward and meet your deadlines.


Nous avons l’habitude et l’expertise dans l’exécution de travaux pour des chantiers de type :

We have the experience with the following domain :

  • Excavation services for soil and foundation repairs

  • Excavation services for repair and installation of French drain

  • Excavation services for basement and crawl space

  • Slab sawing services

  • Fill and compaction services

  • Soil cutting services

  • Before pouring concrete soil preparation services

  • Excavation services for mechanical and electrical