Polyurethane foam insulation

Application and installation of sprayed polyurethane foam insulation

Sprayed polyurethane insulation

Professional sprayed polyurethane foam installation

Sprayed polyurethane is one of the most commonly used insulation products in Quebec. It’s flexible and sealing characteristics while in foam state  ( it sticks to all types of surfaces whether they are smooth or irregular) make the walls on which they are applied hermetic. It is important for the installation to be made by professionals because a perfectly uniform application of the product provides you the maximum insulation.

In Canada, Quebec is at the forefront in the use of polyurethane foams. What makes this particularly attractive product for consumers is it’s anti-moisture ability and that insurance companies do not hesitate to provide for buildings with sprayed polyurethane foam insulation.



sprayed urethane insulation


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Why should we use sprayed polyurethane foam?

The sprayed polyurethane foam insulation is the most popular method for its advantageous characteristics:



Sprayed urethane completly seals your surfaces from air and steam infiltrations.



Sprayed urethane foam is the leader of insulating products with its R7 factor.



Polyurethane is a long term resitant material even after water damage.



Urethane is a stable insulation product: it does not move or fluctuate over time and will not crack with temperature changes.

Sprayed polyurethane foam is the most efficient insulation product on the market.
It prevents infiltration of air, steam and moisture and sticks to any surfaces.

Do not hesitate to contact an experienced team if you have any questions about the multiple applications of sprayed polyurethane foam.


The polyurethane foam insulation of your home foundation wall is the best way to regulate temperature and save on your electricity bill.

Services cellars

Keep your crawl space tempered and avoid freezing of  your pipes during great cold periods of the winter.

Vapor barrier in the attic

More effective than vapor barrier sheet rolls. Its installation is ideal during renovations.

Joist stopper

 Creates an insulation belt around your joist to get optimal results.

Flat and cathedral roofs

The installation of polyurethane foam is well suited for the unconventional roof like cathedral and flat roofs.

Balcony floor

Insulating your balconny floor underneath your solarium to avoid having to change the floor itself and simply have it sealed!

Interior walls

During renovations, have your interior walls insulated for the best results of your roof and basement insulation. 

Trailers and sheds

If you spend a lot of time working in your backyard shed, you can have it insulated for better comfort all year long. We can also insulate closed trailers.