Roof insulation

Residential roof and attic insulation services

Residential Roof Insulation

The best way to save on your electricity bills!

The way is simple, fast and efficient. Cellulose (blown wool) is first shredded by a machine to be pulverized with a large hose. Installed in your roof space, cellulose forms a thick cushion impervious to air, which greatly reduces heat loss. Cellulose can be used in new buildings and in existing houses.

Roof insulation

Adding cellulose in your allows:

  • Reduction of your heating bills during winter
  • Reduction of your air conditioning bills during summer
  • Improve the comfort in your home
  • Being eco-friendly!

Numerous problems can be solved when adding cellulose or blown wool and deflectors (styrovents) in your roof or attic :

  • Elimination of ice in your gutters
  • Reduction of condensation in your house (foggy windows)
  • Reduction of your electricity bills
  • Cellulose is 100% natural and made from recycled products. It is eco-friendly, fire resistant and anti-vermin. Those characteristics make this product ideal for the insulation of your attic.

    Your house as a flat roof?We also offer flat roof insulation service.

home roof insulation


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flat roof insulation

Flat roof insulation

Most of Montreal’s buildings with flat roofs do not have any insulation. Heating costs related to insufficient insulation can be substantial. Wheter your building as a trap acces to the roof or not, we have techniques to make isulation of your flat roof possible. We work with a roofing team, which allows us to make opening on your roof, apply the insulation and close sealed the roof without traces.

The importance of a good roof insulation

The roof of your home covers your entire property, and therefore is the largest source of heat loss. Quebec’s temperature is predominantly cold, you lose the heat through your roof for the most part of the year. Insulation is key to saving big on your heating bills which are increasing with Hydro-Quebec’s climbing rates.

Attic insulation

Spray wool insulation offer a lot of advantage

  • Great durability
  • Good execution flexibility
  • Increase home comfort
  • Losing less heat
  • Quick work
  • Cheaper home heating cost

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Frequently asked question about roof and attic insulation in Quebec

What’s the use of styrovents in addition of blown wool?

The styrovents ensure good air circulation in your roof space. They are necessary to ensure effectiveness when adding cellulose.

Does blown wool take a long time to install?

The installation of blown wool is a relatively quick process. For a house of 1,000 ft2 for example, one or two hours are enough to perform the work.


How does blown wool help me with icicle formation in my gutters?

Heat loss due to insufficient insulation is responsible for the formation of ice. Adding a sufficient amount of blown wool in your entire roof space will minimize heat loss and therefore eliminate the formation of icicles.


How can the addition of cellulose fix my condensation problem?

Most of the time, a condensation problem is due to poor ventilation in the attic. Installing styrovents before adding cellulose will play a key role in reducing the humidity in your home to a minimum. Installing a ceiling fan is also recommended and it can be necessary in some cases to clear the soffits, our team can help you with this.